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Battling Brain Cancer!

Please help my friend who is taking care of his 57 year old father whose health is declining due to brain cancer. Imagine losing your father to such a ravishing disease. Imagine him slowly declining right in front of you. Imagine the bills and the worry. Please attempt to find it in your hear to donate! Even if it is only $10. We can help battle brain cancer!

emsonthebrain said: Indeed!! I work private and volunteer EMS but my shifts vary 😄

snapchat me lol sarahmatuszak

emsonthebrain said: Hi there! I'm Mike 😄 I'm a NYS emt b and medic student!!

Do you work for a private ambulance company? What shift do you work?

"The moment was all; the moment was enough."

- from The Waves by Virginia Woolf (via shakespearewasaunicorn)

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"You are Living Emptiness, untouched as the sky is untouched by storms. You are that which cannot be tainted by anything of this world, for this world is not what it appears to be."

- The Lazy Yogi  (via lazyyogi)

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